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Take a deep breath…..how do you feel? Right now, at this moment in time how do you feel? How do you WANT to feel?

Creating wellness is something that we often overlook for ourselves.  Our lives are so filled to the brim with this, that, and everything else that we are leaning into overwhelm just trying to manage it all.  When we realize that things have to change for us – we buckle down and grind ourselves into “wellness” – we create an even more impossible situation that is neither healthy, nurturing OR sustainable.  We end up living on scraps and honestly, who can give of themselves to others when we can’t even give to ourselves?

Often times on these types of sites, I find that they are so focused on the child(ren), that we blend into the background.  Are we not the ones staying up till all hours of the night researching, mapping out a new idea, protocol, or routine, only to find that we are sleep deprived, depressed, stressed and walking around like a zombie trying to be the “advocate” for our special needs child?   Aren’t we the ones that manage every detail of every day and night that most people take for granted?  What would it be like to be able to tell your child to go get dressed and put on their shoes with out having to detail out every step, answer a million questions about shoe strings and then tell them to put their back on because they took them off while you were trying to make yourself look and smell presentable because you haven’t had a shower in 3 days.  Sound familiar?

Take a deep breath…..how do you feel? Right now, at this moment in time how do you feel? How do you WANT to feel? Life can easily become a rushing blur in front of us. Pulling us this way and that….shifting in a split second with our bodies and minds being dragged behind with little time to even consider HOW WE FEEL. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? I know for myself, that this is what my life seemed like for many, many years. Living in crisis management mode…..surviving….being “strong”…..pushing through the muck. I can’t say that I regret all those years of intense emotional trauma and mastering coping skills beyond what should be expected of any human being, however, I made it through. I learned how to breath again and decided that I wanted to be in charge of my life instead of fear driving every decision and thought that came to me.

I have gained enormous wisdom about myself and how I walk through this life. I’ve mastered reading people and knowing where they are hurting sometimes before they even reveal it to themselves. Like every breathing human on this planet I have my gifts and talents….I’m passionate about digging deep with my clients and helping them discover tools that bring them into alignment with themselves. Tools that nurture the soul and help to create an environment in which to heal and thrive….to empower an individual to help THEMSELVES.

Although I am an introvert (an “INFJ” personality type to be precise) my passion is working one-on-one with clients and/or mentoring my own tribe of Wellness Advocates with dōTerra Essential Oils. With a background in psychology and legal ethics AND a bit of neuroscience thrown in just for fun I have finally found a way to create a life that completely resonates with me. How does this make ME feel?….







I am passionate about teaching others about essential oils. However, I am very mindful about the sustainability factor – I want people to USE them, not just get a box of oils and have them sit on a shelf because they don’t know what to do or are in overwhelm. Educating about essential oils has become a driving force in my life and I would love to share it with you too.

Are you open to natural solutions for yourself, family or home? Do you often wonder if there is ANY other alternative to allopathic medicine that we seem to be consumed by in our society? Is there something deep inside of you pointing you in a different direction in pursuit of wellness? If so, let’s have a conversation. Let me share my experience and wisdom with you. Will it resonate? I don’t know – however, I do know that almost everyone I share with walks away feeling a little more empowered and little more hopeful about their own situation(s).

Please join me in learning how to implement nurturing, nourishment and joy in to your life and that of your loved ones.  Make yourself the best YOU there is and be encouraged that time invested in self is a GOOD thing….not selfish.  Sometimes we are so busy teaching life skills that we forget that we are the biggest example of a “SKILL” there is!    BE the example of a mindful, peaceful and encouraging person that inspires others and learn what it means to give in your own fullness!