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I go round and round with trying to figure out the practical side of parenting/educating/growing/socializing these two little (but getting bigger by the hour) boy loves of mine.  Lately, I have been having  “cranky mom” syndrome and of course this has led to even more of the “Oh please God, how am I ever going to do this!!!???” panic and anxiety events everyday.  Am I being transparent enough with you?  Do you see me freaking out here on this blog??!!  Why in the world did I EVER think that I could be of use to any of you when I myself am finding myself running down the road with my hair on fire trying to figure all of this out and still maintain some sense of sanity?

If you care to read on from this point (probably because you are on the edge of crazy too), then check out the article below.  It is from a few years ago in the Atlantic, but honestly I believe this is an area for special needs parents that really needs to be front and center All.  The.  Time.

Tell me what you think of her article and give me some feedback on how you implement & define organization into your own crazy life and how it is helpful – even in the most simplest terms.


The First Step to Helping a Special-Needs Kid: Get Organized – The Atlantic.