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Sometimes I feel like I have no business writing anything about Special Needs.  My failures are far more evident than my successes in regards to my “approach” in meeting the needs of my two youngest children.  I have to remind myself constantly that no child is the same and needs are variable any given moment.  This is one of my biggest frustrations in my life – the constant change and adjustments needed to meet their needs.

Routine, is something I “NEED” and mostly, there is none to be had.  Even sitting down to write this the interruptions are every 2 – 3 minutes.  CONSTANTLY.  My boys are 9 & 11 and their social skills/manners/person-to-person awareness is just about nonexistent.  Hence, the lovely article I found (look below) that has me thinking of how to implement this into our own lives.

I really don’t know too much about Michael Olaf other than I really have enjoyed the articles I have read thus far.  I also know that many Montessorian’s  refer to him and his company for quality materials and useful information on the Montessori method.  Yesterday afternoon I was doing some research trying to find more studies that involve Autism, neurodevelpmental/sensorial issues that were approached with the Montessori method.  Most of the case studies that I found had to do with Alzheimers and the successful results they have had with implementing Montessori into the lives of this population of patients.  Not that the findings surprised me……It’s Montessori of course!!  It WORKS!!

This particular article is about “ADHD and Montessori”.  It is an easy ready and mostly it comes from an observation over a limited amount of time – BUT, it addressed (more me anyway) many of the issues that I am struggling through on a regular basis with my own children.  It is in a PDF form, so click the link below. I printed it out and laminated it because it articulates what I am seeing and it helps me to stay focused on what I am trying to accomplish.

Good reading.  🙂

“ADHD and Montessori”