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These are my two youngest boys.  I love them so much it hurts.  I put this together just for fun, but after I worked on it and really watched it, I was totally drawn into their little worlds and how they function in life.  They are so creative.  So intrigued by anything and everything.  Questions, questions, questions…..so many questions.  Looking at this video reminds me that they are individuals with passions and likes.  Dislikes and opinions.  They are little beings and I am put in charge of growing them into the purposeful men they were created to be.  I’m tired of living life in a “disability” box and ready to just toss it all to the side and say “SO WHAT!!!!”  This is life people!!!!  Lets live it and enjoy it instead of constantly focusing on everything “wrong” and not making the “grade”.  Let’s focus on the whole child and grow all of  him – not just concentrating on one specific area.  The way we achieve this isn’t through a “program” – it is through REAL life and REAL experience each and every day.