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IMG_1476This video is an excellent brief overview of a Montessori approach to education.  It is my firm belief that education is a life long journey and that without the proper foundation we can never achieve our individual full potential that we were created for.  Education isn’t  learning the 3 R’s or being able to take a test and “pass”.  Education begins by being able to trust the one(s) that a child has been entrusted to.  That trust is expressed by a child’s willingness to be able to try something new, fail and try again – without the anxiety of falling short of expectation.  It is being able to trust that failure is the path to understanding and eventually mastering the challenge.  Not only does a child learn the challenge, a child also learns how to trust themselves and know that they have the ability, courage and confidence to keep moving forward onto more challenging works.  They learn not to look to others for approval or praise, but have heartfelt knowledge that they are authentic, have a purpose in this world, but most of all they are loved and accepted for being who they are and the way they are.