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Over the years I have become a huge fan of Dr. Dobovoy.  I have read many of her papers along with watching several conference videos where she was the keynote speaker.  I find her approach to learning VERY simple – yet VERY complex when you get down into the nitty-gritty of it.  Most of all I find that her words make sense to me and my own approach to my children’s learning.

As you already well know, learning, teaching and mastering on a Special Needs curve is never easy, fast or the most fun thing you would like to spend your days doing.  It can be hard, frustrating and just down-right a grind when you hit upon a learning “jag” and it is taking FOREVER to get through it.  I find, that when I come to these points, that taking a step back is really necessary for me.  I need to remind myself that this not a race.  That my goal is NOT keeping up with traditional “school” and that comparing myself/family to others is a trip down “defeat and loser lane” for me.  I remind myself that I am taking on a lifestyle that is totally unconventional.  I am the captain of this ship and it is up to me to guide it the best way I know how and to utilize the resources I DO have at hand.  That my destination is not some numbered year in the future that will signify crossing the “finish line” of high school nor, will it signify that my parenting days are over.  Honestly, I will probably be doing this in some form or fashion for the rest of my life.  And you know what?  I’m TOTALLY OK with this.

Dr. Dobovoy has some very good practical thoughts on learning and I wish that it was more widely taught and accepted in mainstream education.  Tell me your thoughts on the video and how shifting to this mindset might influence your current method/mode of teaching.